Travel and Help Refund Policy


A booking is valid between Travel and Help and the volunteer/intern after the Volunteer/Internship participant/trainee pays Travel and Help a down payment for her/his participation in any of the programs.

The common down payment is USD 150 and increases if the program includes safaris and tours to cover the lodging etc. The accommodation down payment is fully refundable when the cancellation is done before 6 weeks of arrival.

The final payment of the volunteering and the adventure program shall be paid 6 weeks before the start of the program unless otherwise agreed.

Rights to Cancel and Chance the Booking

We recommend the visitor to issue travel insurance that covers the paid fees in case of illness or similar force major cases. Travel and Help’s refund plan is made according to the cost it is committed to paying to the third parties. Those non-refundable costs include house rents, lodge and safari fees, immigration fees and similar costs that we sometimes pay even six months beforehand and are mostly non-refundable.

A visitor shall inform Travel and Help as soon as it is possible about the illness or any other reason to force her/him to cancel the trip or to change its schedule.

Refunds in case of cancellation:

  • If the cancellation of the program is done not less than 6 weeks from the trip, we refund the down payment minus USD 100 office fees and the possible bank transfer and similar costs that have occurred or will take place and cannot be cancelled without recurring
  • If the cancellation of the program is done less than 45 days from the trip Travel and Help will not make any refunds. Force Majeure cases are commonly included in the personal traveller’s insurance
  • If the participant cancels the program during her stay in Tanzania, we do not refund the program and this, if reason, is commonly included in the travel insurance policies.

Office costs

In case of a major chance of the program schedule, we charge USD 50 office fee and possibly other costs incurred as non-refundable hotel and similar fees.

Travel luggage and other personal items

Travel and Help are not responsible for the stolen or lost luggage or other personal properties whether they are lost in the volunteer’s house, outside the house or during the travel or elsewhere. We recommend the visitor to keep good travel insurance.

In case of lost Travel and Help is assisting the participant to produce all the necessary documentation for the insurance as the lost/police report etc.


A participant is responsible to apply her his entry VISA and paying the fees accordingly

at the entry immigration office. The common C1 and C2 charity VISA is USD 50 online at

Responsible Host in Tanzania:

Travel and Help (NGO)

P.O. Box 23333, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – WhatsUp +255767777773

Welcome to Tanzania!

Travel and Help Team