Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are an NGO development organization established in Finland. We work to collaborate and partner with developing country organizations to run self-sustainable community programs.

Much of our program implementation is done by visiting international volunteers and interns.

We fundraise for the community work performing Safari and Tour programs that are open for tourists and visiting volunteers and interns.

Our main area of focus is on Environmental, Football, Business and Media, and Social Sector and Health development.

We represent and partner with about 20 African NGOs and private sector entities to help them to perform Social Responsibility Community Implementation. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We have Organised thousands of volunteers and interns to assist community development in Tanzania and Ethiopia. It has been a great experience for us but also a lifelong memory for the participants.

Our Core Values

There is no longevity in assistance if it does not conclude the program to survive on its own.