Volunteer in Africa

When participating in Help and Travel volunteering and internship programs, you pay only for your direct cost as accommodation and meals, visa and transport. We compensate for your effort with a USD 100 monthly stipend when you stay at least four weeks.

Additionally you can enjoy our special low-cost volunteer safaris and trips. The income is fundraising the is supporting our work in the communities.

The Benefits and Perks of volunteering and internships are as follows:

  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner is EUR 175 per week is a personal expense. However, the cost drops to EUR 125 weekly after the first 13 weeks.
  • Single and double room upgrade is EUR 40 per week and shareable by the roommates.
  • Airport transfers from and to are EUR 120 as a personal expense
  • Charity VISA is USD 50 and is a private expense
  • We pay you a USD 100 monthly stipend for all four weeks + participation terms. It is small but 2x Tanzania’s national minimum wage.
  • Flights are a personal expense.
  • All local transports, if needed, are a personal expense but low-cost.